Risk Assessment Design & Installation


A Lightning Protection risk assessment is the first step in your buildings Lightning Protection process.

Using industry recognised software our team of ATLAS accredited designers and estimators can produce a comprehensive Lightning Protection risk assessment, using over 100 data entry points to design and install a bespoke Lightning Protection System.

To meet your building or structures individual requirements, from bespoke systems to specialists sites requiring D.E.S.A.R, C.O.M.A.H and J.S.P considerations, Cloud to Ground Ltd have the expertise to risk assess and design a Lightning Protection system to meet your requirements.

Earthing installation and design, using industry recognised software.

Our ATLAS Accredited designers can provide Soil resistivity testing and complex earthing design, based upon your building or structure’s geographical location and requirements, Data Centre’s, Renewable Energy and Power, all sectors are catered for by our team.

Safety line and Work at Height safety systems, our team work closely with the UK and Global Work at Height equipment manufactures to offer design and installation of bespoke safety access solutions, from fixed Laddered access and collective fall protection systems such as Guardrail, to Safety line systems, fixed and mobile anchorage systems and Davit arms, Cloud to Ground Ltd have all your access and safety requirements covered.

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